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April 8, 2012 @ 6:25 pm

Ep. 45: Madonna’s Facebag


In this episode we are honored to have amateur historian and podcaster, Kathleen, as our guest. She helps us with such topics as:

Advice on Advice: Loving a Fugly Man

Hey You Didn't Know It: The Demise of the Rosie O Show

Discount Celebs: Mandy Patinkin vs. Danny Aiello

The Week In Bateman: Too Much Brotherly Love

Manhole Diving in Gotham

Andy Samberg's CanaryHop.com

Washington " I cannot not tell a lie" Irving

and much more...

About Our Guest


Kathleen podcasts on But, I Digress… and discusses movies, books, Vespas, superheroes, gender identity variance, and failed recipes, but never music or sports. She also podcasts on ABC Gotham, where she discusses NYC history in alphabetical order. Kathleen has been performing improvisational comedy for the last 15 years. Like most improvisers, Kathleen is now wealthy beyond her wildest dreams, thanks to the thousands of lucrative improv opportunities out there. When not improvising or podcasting, she manages a brain imaging lab. This enables Kathleen to maintain a semblance of normalcy in our work-obsessed culture, and also provides amusement and human contact. When not improvising, podcasting, or lab managing, Kathleen reads.


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